Evergreen Hospital Placed in Lock Down After Man Seen with Weapon

At 8:07 AM today, Evergreen Hospital Security called 911 to report a man with a rifle entering the hospital. 
A doctor observed a man walk into the hospital with appeared to be a rifle slung over his shoulder and reported it to hospital security. Kirkland Police Officers quickly arrived on scene and with the help of security, began a tactical and deliberate search for the man. While the search ensued, Evergreen Hospital continued to care for the safety and well-being of their patients while operating within their lockdown protocol. Initial security footage of the subject was disseminated to police officers but they were unable to confirm exactly what the man was carrying. A hospital employee saw his own picture on social media and realized that police were looking for him. Officers quickly contacted the employee and confirmed that the suspected rifle was in fact an ornate umbrella with a sword-like handle. 
The Kirkland Police Department’s response to the call was a collaborative effort involving neighboring police agencies and Evergreen Hospital staff. Kirkland Police Chief Cherie Harris noted, “While our officers continually train and are well prepared to respond and intervene in active shooter incidents, we are truly grateful that this was not indeed a rifle.”
The Kirkland Police Department would like to thank the Evergreen Hospital community and staff for their patience, support, and cooperation during this incident.


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