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Letter to the Editor | Cold Hearted Council

Will the City Council continue to ignore the severe impacts of higher property taxes that will probably force homeowners out of their homes, especially those on fixed income? Property tax bills have gone up 18.8 percent, and the RTA vehicle registration tax has more than doubled. The vehicle registration tax is intended for rail service, […]

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LETTER | Yes to School Levys

Olympia is struggling with a dual problem–how to address the K-12 teacher shortage crisis and how to amply fund K-12 basic education. Thankfully, Lake Washington School District voters don’t have to wait for the State. We can take decisive action to support our children. The three LWSD ballot measures are critical to funding educational programs, […]

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LETTER | No to Local Property Tax

Dear Editor,   I sometimes wonder if the “higher taxes for schools” people ever stop to think of how these property taxes impact some of the more vulnerable in our community.  If the LWSD increased taxes are added to local bills, taxes on a median home will be about $12,000 a year or $1,000 a […]

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LETTER: LWSD Bond and Levies – Vote Feb. 13

Sent by: Walt and Kathy Krueger Sent on: January 29th, 2018 Editor:   Although our children are now grown and living out of the district, we have always felt strongly about the value of public education. A well-educated citizenry is basic to building a strong and just society. That’s why we support the Lake Washington […]

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LETTER: Support of School District Proposals

Sent by: Liz Hedreen Sent on: January 26, 2018 Dear editor, I’ve been a LWHS parent for 7 years, I can see firsthand how many more kids pour into the school every year. The classes and building are jammed and they have had to put 10 portable classrooms out in the parking lot. LWHS is not […]

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LETTER: Five Stories in Everest

Sent by: Marvin Scott Sent on: December 12, 2017 I have sent many letters along with hundreds of others outlining why your vote and decision is a bad idea for the South Kirkland community.  Hundreds of people have testified.  I, as have others, suggested alternatives that would be a compromise.  And yet you went against […]

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LETTER: Houghton Rezone

Sent by: Dan Ryan On: November 26, 2017 The Kirkland City Council is about to approve changes in zoning at the Houghton-Everest Business Center. The effort to prepare for future growth has failed. By not setting viable standards for development, changes in the center are effectively deferred until a future rezoning. But maybe we can […]

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