Kirkland Farm To Table Dinner, Aug. 27

The Kirkland Wednesday Market is excited to bring the Kirkland community and local farmers together during this exciting & delicious event. The inaugural Kirkland Farm to Table Dinner is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable nights of the season. Come toast the end of summer with all the Friends of the Market!

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LETTER | Who says preservation doesn’t work in Kirkland?

Just wanted to give you an update on Trueblood; it has been a rollercoaster of a year in regards to saving this house, but where there is a will there is a way.

The following letter addresses the moving of the Trueblood house, built in the 1880’s, from its original plot in Norkirk.

The Trueblood house is now owned by Nickel Bros. Moving Company.

It will be moved from its present to location on August 17 or 18th, during the day, to the Baptist church corner parking lot on 1st Street. It will be held there, “in storage”, until one of the four potential buyers completes their contingencies or in the event a new buyer steps up…

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LETTER | Seaplane permitting irks come residents


As you are aware, there is a controversy brewing over seaplane permitting at carillon point.  This began in April with a request for for a permit which was deemed complete in May. The city almost immediately stated they expected issue a DNS, Which says no environmental impact statement (EIS)  was needed.  People who had concerns about this issue were given until June 20th to write to city planners or they would not be allowed to speak when a public hearing is finally scheduled.

Let’s look for a moment at how the citizens of Kirkland were notified. Three signs were posted in public, two at the pedestrian walkway entrances and one along the boulevard…

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Take this Metro Survey on Park and Ride Parking

King County Metro is getting a lot of  complaints from commuters about not enough parking at the park and rides and they are trying to figure out what to do. They have an online survey that is open until August 19. You can find it here:

King County Metro is seeking input on parking at their Park and Ride lots. Here is the website that describes what they are considering:

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Kirklander Receives Washington Policy Center Scholarship Award

WPC’s 2016 Jennifer Dunn-Thomson Scholarship Awarded to Sophia Steele


Washington Policy Center (WPC) announced today it has awarded the 2016 Jennifer Dunn-Thomson Scholarship to Sophia Steele of Kirkland, WA.  The sixth annual scholarship provides total funding of $15,000 in honor of the late Congresswoman to female college students who exemplify Jennifer’s leadership, commitment to public service and personal values…

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