LETTER | Can’t get service? Complain

Kirkland’s Compliance with the law is based on Complaints.


I recently requested service from Kirkland.  I didn’t get it.  I was advised that in order for the City to investigate compliance with its laws, I would have to complain.


Staff is not doing its job to enforce the many laws the Council have passed but don’t enforce until a complaint is filed.  Instead of Staff checking compliance, apparently all of Kirkland’s citizens must become squealers.  Staff, not citizens should enforce what the Council adopted.  Council should stop passing laws that requires citizens to become squealers to be enforcers.

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Hazard Quest; Kirklanders invited to participate

  Wondering about landslide risk in your neighborhood?  How about slumping, sloughing, and seeps? The Office of Emergency Management is part of the City of Kirkland Geo Hazards Mapping Team which is partnering with the University of Washington in an initiative to identify geographic hazards in the city. Kirkland residents are invited to participate in […]

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City Seeks Suggestions for Neighborhood Safety Projects

Projects will improve safety and livability throughout the City


The City’s Neighborhood Safety Program (NSP) is accepting ideas for projects that will improve the safety and livability in neighborhoods throughout the City. Kirkland residents are encouraged to submit their ideas through the Capital Improvement Projects “Suggest-a-Project” database which is found on the City of Kirkland website. Projects submitted through September, will be considered for the 2017 funding cycle. The NSP funds projects under $50,000, but all ideas are welcomed. The City reviews and responds to all suggestions and will notify those submitting projects if they meet the NSP parameters. All suggestions will be shared with the respective Neighborhood Association and posted on the City’s web site.

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Kirkland Safety Burn Ban Lifted

Rain helps some indicators improve, but conditions still dry and fire danger lingers through wildland-fire season


The Kirkland Fire Department has lifted the safety burn ban, which was originally issued on Aug. 18 when hot, dry and windy conditions were prevalent throughout the area. Monitoring of fire dangers, including fuel and moisture, has continued over the previous two-week period, and today fire-danger indicators returned to normal levels for this time of year, allowing the lifting of the burn ban.

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Community Invited to Participate in the Inaugural Cross Kirkland Corridor Art Project

The Kirkland Cultural Arts Commission has selected local environmental artist, Terra Holcomb, as the inaugural Cross Kirkland Corridor (CKC) artist in residence. The final project will include a 10-foot tree hollow constructed from fallen black cottonwood leaves. Holcomb’s ephemeral art piece, which will be made in collaboration with community volunteers, will be displayed along the CKC at 110th Avenue Northeast from October 8 through Mid-November…

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