LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Please Vote YES for Proposition 1

Letter to the editor


The initiative would fund new programs such as re-instituting a proactive police unit to tackle the growing trend in property crimes and helping individuals, of all ages, living with mental illness. A key innovation of Proposition 1 is to provide a full time dedicated mental health professional teamed up with a neighborhood resource officer to deal with issues such as suicide attempts, drug addiction, delusional behavior etc. Adding the new positions to the police response team will allow patrol officers to transition the people involved to the mental health team, so they can quickly get back to their patrols.

Another key component of the proposal is $350,000 in funding for a comprehensive community-based approach to dealing with adults and children with mental health problems.This would involve partnering with trusted non-profit agencies with expertise in preventing domestic violence, suicide, and drug addiction. 

As an educator, I also support the addition of four new school resource officers whose top priority is to keep our children emotionally and physically safe. And finally, there is $100,000 proposed for training programs and gun lock subsidies to help keep guns safely stored and out of the hands of those seeking to harm themselves or others.

All this for only a penny on a $10 purchase, or $1 on $1,000 spent in Kirkland. Groceries that are not taxed are excluded.

Uzma Butte

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