Letter to the Editor | Patty Kuderer for District Senate, Democrat

Dear Editor,

I would like to promote Patty Kuderer for the 48th District Senate position, Democrat,  WA State Legislature.

Here’s why:  She is being challenged by Rodney Tom, ostensibly also a Democrat.  Do not be fooled by Rodney Tom.  He is apparently running as a Democrat because district 48 is a predominately Democrat district.  

In 2002 Mr. Tom ran successfully as a Republican. In 2010, paradoxically, he ran as a Democrat for the state senate, got elected and then joined the Republicans giving the senate a majority.  Mr. Tom then became the chairman of the Republican caucus tipping the minority Republicans into the majority.  Budget battles ensued regarding school funding.  Mr.Tom saw fit to cut retirement and health benefits  to retired teachers to help balance his budget.  

This did not go unnoticed and in year 2013 he was repudiated by his own Democratic party, censured by and labeled  guilty of ” gross disloyalty” and “perfidious behavior”.  His own party cut off Mr. Tom’s funding sources and his access to to mailing lists.  This double cross of the Democratic voters ultimately led to Mr. Tom’s resignation from the senate.

Now this “Quitter” and “double crosser” wants his old job back and your vote.  Don’t be fooled!  Tom is a Republican in sheep’s clothing.  The honest and authentic Democrat is Patty Kuderer.  Vote for her!

JF Rogers


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