Letter to the Editor | Amy Walen Announces Campaign for State Representative

This letter is in response to comment posted on April 15  (Read comment here)

Letter to the Editor


We want to go on record as being strong supporters of our Mayor, Amy Walen. We have been supporters since we first heard she would run for Kirkland City Council in 2009. She is thoughtful-very thoughtful -with each decision she makes. It is not cool to attack one or two of her positions that you don’t agree with (we have differed on some issues also). Instead, check her record over EIGHT years. She has done an admirable job for Kirkland (maintained a strong financial base; championed key issues such as housing, transportation and a strong emphasis on public safety) which is recognized locally, regionally and statewide. She has the goods-in spades- and will have an even wider influence on very important issues when she is in Olympia. Go to www.amywalen.com and join us in our support of sending Amy to Olympia.


Santos and Sue Contreras

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