LETTER | Time for a change

I have been a proud Kirkland resident for 15 years now – 4 generations of my family live here all the way from grandpa Vito (92) to Leo (5), who will be attending kindergarten at Lakeview next year. At no point during my time in Kirkland have I ever said to myself, “Kirkland would be great if we could only cram more people and cars in it.”

I’ve been really disappointed in the performance of our city council over the past few years. There have been a number of issues brought in front of them and without fail this group of councilmembers always sides with businesses over residents’ concerns. These issues range from multiple zoning density increases (such as the Potala Village experiment), which push the boundaries of sanity, to seaplanes and trains, which as far as I can tell both residents and small businesses don’t want.
The latest incident is the rezoning plan around Metropolitan Market called the HERC. I don’t need to rehash the details of it in this letter; there is plenty of information out there – just search for “Houghton Everest Neighborhood Center.” Think of making the corner with the 7-11 and the Menchie’s boxed in with 5-story buildings on all sides. It seems like city council is going to approve this one as well despite all the very vocal opposition to it.

If anyone out there is thinking about throwing their hat in the ring to run for city council, you already have my vote. It looks like registration has to happen during the week of May 15th this year and it’s a simple process to register on the King County elections site. I don’t expect city council to always make decisions popular with the citizens, but I do expect more variety than “5 story mixed use” as an answer for everything.
 Kevin Beto

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