LETTER | No to Local Property Tax

Dear Editor,


I sometimes wonder if the “higher taxes for schools” people ever stop to think of how these property taxes impact some of the more vulnerable in our community.  If the LWSD increased taxes are added to local bills, taxes on a median home will be about $12,000 a year or $1,000 a month.  To compare real life examples,  maximum social security benefits are roughly $2500 per month.  Imagine a retired senior living in their now inflated value Kirkland home attempting to pay that tax.  What would they have left to live on?  Or even a retired couple with combined social security of say $4000 per month.  Or what about the young couple or young family having just bought their first home and their budget already stretched to the max just to cover the new mortgage?  Do we really want to drive more of these people out of our community?  Vote NO and insist on the local property tax relief we were promised with the state now fully funding Basic Ed.


Eric Rohrbach

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