LETTER | No Optional Density; No Transportation on the CKC

Dear City Council:


Apparently, your various committees and “focus groups” are having difficulty hearing clearly, the collective voice of your constituency that continuously cries out “No increase in density” and “no motorized transportation on the CKC”.  PLEASE, PLEASE, listen carefully to us and consider the wishes of the people you serve – we, the people, do not wish to turn this unique residential area into yet another high-density city with all the attendant congestion, crime and social issues that require more and more resources – read that “taxes” and “social programs”.


It is not a requirement of elected and appointed officials to constantly bring about “change” – sometimes maintaining the status quo is the right thing to do.  Please consider carefully, we, the residents, all made conscious decisions to acquire property in Kirkland because of the EXISITNG nature of the community – we did not make seven figure commitments to have elected and appointed officials change the character of what we bought.  It is really very simple: retain the existing zoning and keep motorized transportation off the CHC (the way you promised when you sold The Trail to the public) and there is a strong chance you will actually serve the people you are supposed to serve plus the community will continue to enjoy a relatively low incident of the issues mentioned above.


I say again, give zero consideration to increasing density, AT ALL, beyond that allowed under present law and do not support any form of transportation on the CKC as that is one of the few remaining places we can find relief from our creeping urbanization.


Thank you for your consideration and we are all hoping you will hear us this time.


Terry and Sally Maher


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