LETTER: Five Stories in Everest

Sent by: Marvin Scott

Sent on: December 12, 2017

I have sent many letters along with hundreds of others outlining why your vote and decision is a bad idea for the South Kirkland community.  Hundreds of people have testified.  I, as have others, suggested alternatives that would be a compromise.  And yet you went against the will of your constituents and the planning commission.  I just don’t get it.  
Toby responded to a debate in Kirkland Views that he had to represent all the citizens of Kirkland, not just those of us in the Everest/Houghton neighborhoods who wrote letters and attended meetings.  I don’t disagree with that but I fail to see how you know what the rest of Kirkland wants when they don’t speak out on the issue.  This is a case of two things.  1.  You are angry because the HCC can veto your planning actions.  2.  You feel superior to us little people who are not the high and mighty City Council and non-elected planning staff.  Therefore you need to make the decisions that are best for us.
Yesterday I left my house on 106th at a little before 10 am.  I was almost late for a doctor’s appointment because between waiting for a break in the cars to turn right onto 68th and the backup of cars going East on 68th it took almost 15 minutes to get to 405.  I could also see the traffic on Westbound 68th was backed up from 108th to the freeway.
While I’m just an old retired guy, and have the extra time to fight the traffic,  that is not the case of the rest of our neighborhoods.  
I do appreciate that serving on the Council is a time consuming and mostly thankless job but I sincerely believe you have made a major error in judgement.
Marv Scott, Ret.


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