LETTER | City proposal to adversely impact our community

Dear Council Members, City Planning Commissioners and City Planners,


It appears that the unwelcomed push from self-serving politicians and developers for disproportionate urbanization of the currently rare and ideal Houghton/Everest communities is not ceasing, despite Kirkland already meeting its growth management goals and the clear message from residents to hold off growth or limit to very low growth.  The current Houghton infrastructure, including, schools, utilities, medical and safety services cannot event support half of the density level currently being proposed.  Furthermore, the mere thought of using the Cross Kirkland Corridor for motorized, high-speed, mass-transit is negligent, environmentally and fiscally irresponsible, clearly demonstrating the lack of objective care, conscientiousness and accountability that local government owes its constituents.  The current CKC walking/running/cycling path supports an environmentally sensitive area and promotes the family-friendly, outdoor-active, healthy and safe character of this walkable community.  This is one of the reasons most of us have chosen to make this community our home instead of the surrounding areas of Bellevue, Juanita and Totem Lake.


These proposals affect a very important interchange within this close-knit community, one which is frequented by elementary school aged children walking to and from Lakeview Elementary and International Community Schools, both of which are within ½ mile of this proposed development; which will significantly increase traffic and the safety risk of the community children – not just increased risk from traffic, but from increased transient volume through our neighborhood.  The city council has well-spent our taxpayer money to build stairs to the CKC, providing safe access across NE 68th for our children, runners, walkers and bicyclists; only to turn around and propose spending additional taxpayer money to increase traffic, that will lead to higher speeds and higher risk to all children, pedestrians, cyclists and drivers that live in and visit this rare gem of a safe, friendly and serene community.   This plan demonstrates total disregard for the needs, wants and character of this community; as well as being diametrically opposed to officials’ false claims of walkability, natural habitat protection, sustainability, and a family-friendly, healthy and outdoor-friendly community.


The existing developments in downtown Kirkland and Totem Lake have been approved and are in progress, which will already overburden the roads and other infrastructure in this small geographical area.  These developments should be completed and the infrastructure re-assessed before any additional high density residential and transit developments are even contemplated, which is the prudent approach of a socially responsible local government.  If this elected local government is truly committed to serving the communities that you represent, you will seriously reconsider the HENC 6th street rezoning plans and consideration of the CKC for mass-transit oriented development.  These are diametrically opposed to the reasonable wishes of the overwhelming majority of this neighborhood and the admirable principles of regional sustainability and accountability for the health and wellbeing of your citizens.



Sincerely yours,

Nives Stanfelj

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