LETTER | Car Thieves are getting high-tech

Apparently, car thieves are getting really high-tech:
  • On Sunday night a 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe was stolen from a “secure,” gated downtown Kirkland condo garage.
  • The car doors were locked and the key, an electronic “proximity fob,” was in the owner’s condo unit 2 floors above the garage.
  • The car requires the fob to unlock the doors, then uses a proximity sensitive push-button ignition switch to start the car.
  • The car was able to be driven out of the garage with no evidence of forced entry.
One can only assume that the fob was hacked earlier. The technology was then used to access and start the car. If so, the only thing we can do is be exceptionally vigilant every time we approach our “proximity fob” vehicles and assure that no one is nearby to hack the electronics in the fob.
Will post a followup if the vehicle is found. The investigating officer claims that there are 2 vehicles stolen in Kirkland every day. If there is any pattern, “they are usually used only for transportation and driven to South Seattle where drugs are cheaper than here in Kirkland.”
Chuck Pilcher

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