LETTER: Reasons to Vote for Cassandra Page on November 7th

Sent by: Charlie Pangborn on October 26th, 2017

When I met Cassandra this summer, I was a recent graduate of Redmond High School back from
my first year of college. As a student of the Lake Washington School District for 13 years, and an
aspiring education policymaker, my head was jam-packed full of ideas. Meeting Cassandra
provided me with the perfect opportunity to discuss my experiences and present my ideas to
someone who will bring those ideas to fruition.

As a parent and PTSA member in the district for over two decades, Cassandra is a more than
qualified candidate for school board. She could have written me off for being young,
inexperienced, or otherwise. But she didn’t. That’s not Cassandra. She listened to me because I
was one more perspective which could enhance her understanding of the issues in our district.
When I demonstrated an interest in learning more, she invited me to sit in on school board
meetings with her while she did her homework in preparation for this position. When I asked
her what I could do to help resolve the issues in our district, she adopted me as a research aid
so I could inform her about solutions that worked elsewhere. She went above and beyond to
make sure my ideas were heard.

This made me realize something about Cassandra: she truly is in this for the students. She is
prepared to listen to them, and she is prepared to listen to you. As a school board member, I
have full faith that she will work tirelessly to ensure that ALL students of this district obtain the
education that is best for them.

I might not hold any fancy titles or have children of my own who will be impacted by her
decisions, but I speak from the perspective of the students of the LWSD. Follow Cassandra’s suit
in listening to the students. Hear me when I say that Cassandra will do amazing things for the
students of this district. Please empower her with your vote by November 7th!

-Charlie Pangborn


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