Kirkland Police Make Arrests in Motor Vehicle Prowl/ID Theft Cases

Suspect involved in at Least 17 Vehicle Prowls in and Around Kirkland

 Kirkland Police Detectives arrested two suspects last week involved in numerous motor vehicle prowl/ID theft cases in and around Kirkland. The adult female and adult male face dozens of charges related to the crime spree.


Events began on March 19 when the Kirkland Police Department began a motor vehicle prowl/ ID theft investigation that quickly spread beyond the City. Several area jurisdictions had also experienced related incidents within their cities. The suspects were targeting park parking lots where victims were leaving valuables and purses in their vehicles while out in the park. The suspects would force entry into the vehicles and would immediately use the stolen credit cards at nearby QFCs to purchase prepaid VISA gift cards. An attentive store clerk recognized the female suspect when she returned to the same QFC and called police. Kirkland Police quickly located and arrested the female suspect. The female was able to obtain release from jail and quickly began committing the same crimes again. Kirkland Police Detectives began working with surrounding agencies to include Bellevue and the King County Sheriff’s Office. Multiple search warrants were obtained and surveillance conducted which resulted in the second arrest of the female suspect by Kirkland detectives on May 3. Also taken into custody at that time was an adult male who was driving the vehicle containing the female suspect. The investigation is ongoing with additional search warrants on a residence and vehicle being served.


The Kirkland Police would like to acknowledge the actions of the QFC store clerk in recognizing the suspect and quickly calling 911 to report the suspicious activity. This fast action led to the first arrest of the female suspect. We would also like to remind motorists not to leave belongings inside their vehicles even for short periods of time. Many times suspects are watching and observe victims placing items into their trunk before walking off.


If you have any information about this incident please contact Detective Sergeant Phil Goguen of the Kirkland Police Department at 425-587-3503 or at

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