Information on New Animal Services Program

The City of Kirkland has launched a new Animal Services Program starting January 1, 2018.

“We’re excited for this new City service,” said Councilmember Penny Sweet, Chair of the Council’s Public Safety Committee. “Launching Kirkland’s own Animal Services is years in the making. The Council and City staff have been working hard to ensure that this program will provide both increased levels of service to our residents as well as a better investment of pet owner license fees.”


One of the biggest changes is the newly appointed, full time Animal Control Officer, Jennifer Matison. Officer Matison will be a dedicated resource to help find and return lost pets, respond to calls related to domestic animal concerns, and provide education to residents.


“I’m humbled and honored to start as the City’s first Animal Control Officer,” Matison said. “I’m excited to serve the Kirkland community and its beloved animals.”


In support of the new program, the City launched a new Animal Services website. The website contains information on the various aspects of the Animal Services Program, including:


  • How to License your pet. Pet licensing provides identification if a pet is lost and allow a quick reunification once the animal is found. By law, all dogs and cats over twelve weeks old and older owned by Kirkland residents must be licensed and vaccinated against rabies. Residents can license their pet quickly either online with Pet Databy mail or in person at Kirkland City Hall or the Kirkland Justice Center. Pet license fees are dedicated by code to fund the Animal Services Program.


  • The City’s contracted animal shelter, Everett Animal Shelter (EAS), will provide sheltering and care of stray animals for Kirkland. When a lost or stray pet is found in Kirkland, the City’s Animal Control Officer will use information from the pet’s license tag or traceable identification such as a chip to attempt to reunite the pet with its owner as soon as possible. The shelter holds stray animals for 72 hours to allow owners time to find their lost pet. Owners who go to the shelter to claim their lost pet must provide proof of ownership at the time of redemption. There are fees associated with reclaiming a pet.


For more information on the new Kirkland Animal Services Program and new Animal Control Officer Matison, watch the currently Kirkland episode.


To reach Kirkland’s Animal Control Officer Matison, or to learn more information about the program:  Phone: (855) 449-PETS (7387) or Email:


For questions about licensing your pet, call toll free at 1-855-585-8158.

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