Kirkland Nourishing Network School Break Food Box Signups Open for December 14!

After a very successful Thanksgiving drive, we are facing triple the need with only half the time to gather sign-ups. We really need you to share this with your friends, because when people know of need in their community they generally will help, if they are able. Our message is the same: elementary school children identified by teachers and counselors to be the most in need are who you are supporting through the two-week December break from school. These are the children who qualify for free or reduced meals at school and those that get Pantry Packs for weekend nutrition. Over the four school breaks, Nourishing Networks tries to fill the gap by way of your generosity. You and your friends can meet this challenge for our neighbors in need.


Please take time to let your friends know of this easy way to share the holiday spirit with those who truly need it in our town. You are not asking for yourself. It is about those with real need, right here in our neighborhoods.


After you have done that, please consider your own donation of food. That can help meet the need for these kids and their families throughout the holidays.


Thank you for caring!


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