Kirkland Middle School Kiwanis Builders Club Carwash on SATURDAY, JUNE 2

The Kirkland Middle School Kiwanis Builder’s Club will be holding their annual car wash this Saturday, June 2 from noon to 3pm at 525 Kirkland Way in Kirkland.  This is the club’s major and most anticipated fundraiser.  They request a $7 donation for a car wash by a highly spirited and excited group of KMS students!  These kids look forward to this event each year.  With the funds raised, they provide a legacy gift to Kirkland Middle School.  Past gifts have included the bench around the big tree in the front parking lot, a banner with the school fight song and the Kirkland’s first middle school panther flag.  Come on out and support these kids and get a great car wash at the same time.  It will brighten your car and brighten your day!


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