Kirkland Key Clubs Make A Difference Around The World


The Kiwanis Club of Kirkland’s sponsored Key Clubs in the three Kirkland high schools is doing some pretty amazing things!! While these clubs of high students have advisors from The Kiwanis Club of Kirkland and their schools, it is the students themselves that organize and initiate every project they do. The clubs take on different community projects and make a difference while having fun. They are caring and ambitious groups of students that are making a difference in lives here at home and around the world.


ICS Key Club: In April, ICS club members put together a Talent Show for the school, with proceeds of $400 going to the Wellness Foundation. In May, they participated in the 7 Hills Bike Ride by cheering on the bikers and serving strawberry short cake at the end of the ride. They helped out at Attain Housing Gala in September, which is Attain’s biggest charity event. October took the club to Team Survivor NW fundraiser, again helping out where they were needed. Later in October, ICS Key Club had their first official service project for the school year, helping clean up Crestwood Park. They supported Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program by making cards for children in Seattle Children’s Hospital. Closing out 2016, they were part of the Turkey Trot and helped out at the Kiwanis Christmas Tree lot in December. In January of 2017, ICS Key Club hosted the Martin Luther King Assembly. There were moderated discussions led by club members, a video presentation on MLK’s life and a speech on MLK views regarding his opposition to the Viet Nam War. Other club members performed music appropriate to the occasion that touched everyone at the event. In February, once again they supported Seattle Children’s Hospital by making and sending socks decorated with puffy paint. When asked about her experiences as President of ICS Key Club, Alana Robon, said, “Before my presidency, I never realized how large of an impact Key Club has. After I attended the District Convention, I realized how large Key Club is and what a huge impact we can make when we pool our resources in a specific project.”


LWHS Key Club: In October of 2016, the week before Halloween, the LWHS Key Club members Treat or Treated for UNICEF and raised $425. In December, they participated in Threads of Hope selling bracelets made by women in the Philippines. This was originally going to be a fundraiser for the club, but they chose to send the money (over $700) back to the Philippines. In December, the club sponsored a blood drive by Bloodwork’s NW, with 90 blood donors participating. Another organization these kids reached out to was Pennies for Patients. Funds they raised went to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Lisa Oshiro, president of LWHS Key Club said, “We will be sponsoring another blood drive in April of this year and are grateful we can help out with this life saving endeavor.”


JHS Key Club: In April members of the club volunteered for the 2016 Emerald City comic-con for Child’s Play, an organization that gives toys and games to hospitals worldwide. In June, the key club helped with the school’s transitional Carnival, supporting JHS’s special education students. In October they participated in the annual Pink Game, a fundraiser for Fred Hutch foundation. This is a schoolwide event that the JHS helped develop. On Halloween, the club helped raise money for UNICEF by Trick or Treating to collect funds for that organization. As always, they held their “No-Shave November” fundraiser to support Eastside Baby Corner in Issaquah. Teachers, students and Kiwanis members participated in the event and they raised $1,289. With a donation from the Kirkland Kiwanis Foundation, they were able to present a check to EBC in the amount of $2,489. The club also volunteered at Kiwanis events like the Christmas Tree Lot, The Pancake Breakfast and the 4th of July parade. Club President, Amber Gebert-Goldsmith said, “Key Club is much more than weekly meetings and volunteer hours. It provides needed love and care to communities in need. Key Club is family.”


We have a lot to be proud of in these students. While there is so much talk about “troubled youth”, here are groups of kids that step up to the plate, take responsibility and make things happen that impact lives all around the world. If you would like to know more about Kiwanis Key Clubs, visit   for more information about the Kiwanis Club of Kirkland, check in with Tom Pendergrass, Secretary at (206) 910-1940, or visit


Bonni Sundberg

Marketing Chair

Kiwanis Club of Kirkland

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