Kirkland Interfaith Network Alternative Gift Fair, November 4-5

Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? Kirkland Interfaith Network (KIN) invites you to its annual Alternative Gift Fair, Saturday, November 4 from 10AM to 4PM and Sunday, November 5 from Noon to 2PM, in the Parish Hall at Holy Family Catholic Church, 7045 120th Ave NE, Kirkland.
The KIN Alternative Gift Fair is a holiday fair where each gift you buy provides a better life for someone who needs it, here or abroad. It’s a fair where you can do some holiday shopping and feel good about doing it. It’s a holiday fair whose focus is the love of God at work in the world.
At the fair, you will find tables selling “alternative” gifts. An alternative gift is a donation made to an organization in honor of a person to whom you might normally give a material gift. An alternative gift might be a flock of chicks for a family in Bolivia, a window for a unit of affordable housing, or a blanket to warm a refugee in a camp. For each item you purchase, you receive a gift card with an insert describing your gift, which you can give to the person you are honoring in this way. At the KIN Fair, you will find a variety of local, national and international organizations working to provide short term relief for those in need and long-term development assistance to address the underlying causes of hunger and poverty.
You’ll be surprised how many people will be excited and pleased by this idea. After all, most of us have more than we really need. Because of the wide variety of alternative gifts at the KIN Fair (including from several organizations at the fair for the first time this year), you can carefully select the one that’s just right for each person on your list, as you would with a material gift. And you will know that all the items you purchase benefit someone who needs a helping hand.
About KIN
The Kirkland Interfaith Network (KIN) is a group of faith-based communities and individuals who have joined together to serve the needs of the poor, both in Kirkland and around the world. We’re a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization; donations are tax-deductible and matchable by most employer matching-gift programs. Every dollar donated to our projects is used for the projects. Our low overhead expenses are paid by the dues of our member organizations. Our members and the community at-large provide the resources we need for the work we do; KIN does not receive any government funding. For more information about KIN and to donate online, visit


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