Kirkland Highlands Garage Sale, May 20th from 9 AM-2PM

Garage sale aficionados: get ready to find some great stuff on Saturday, the 20th, from 9AM-2 PM in the Kirkland Highlands. You can access the neighborhood from Central Way at 114th Ave NE, just west of 405. Don’t forget to go deep into the neighborhood as great stuff will be everywhere.

There are 15+ homes ready to sell you some interesting things and more homes may plan to join in the fun. People have been working hard, cleaning out their garages and homes to offer some great items. There are bikes, a canoe, computer equipment, electronics, knickknacks, living and dining room furniture, a stereo, golf clubs, exercise equipment, gardening equipment, clothes, baby toys, sporting equipment, kitchenware, lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners, throw pillows, other furniture and the list goes on. Plan to find some great treasures.

We’ll have signs at the different entrances to the neighborhood and individuals will post their own signs leading to their sales.

Happy hunting!


Turn north on 114th Ave NE from Central Way. Turn either left or right at the stop sign, which is NE 87th. Head west to 112th Ave NE to access most of the homes on the west side of the neighborhood. If you head east on NE 87th, the road curves around and becomes 116th, the east entrance to the neighborhood where many of the other streets are located. Both 112th and 116th will lead you north to most of the streets in the neighborhood.

The best way not miss any of the sales is to head north to the end of the street on either 112th or 116th. When finished on one of these main streets, double back to NE 100th, which crosses through the neighborhood. From NE 100th, you can head to the opposite side of the neighborhood and connect to either 112th or 116th. You can then reach the rest of the sales.

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