Join Kirkland Nourishing Network in Helping Hungry Kids – February 13th

With over 3,000 students receiving free/reduced meals in Lake Washington Schools, we hope you can make the new year a bit brighter for some of the neediest of the needy identified by teachers and counselors in our elementary schools and a couple of middle schools with high need. Simply passing this notice on to your friends and neighbors is a giant step toward success.

We hope you are enjoying a refreshing new year and taking on the new opportunities open to us. Of course, not all of us have the same opportunities from where we stand, but we can help level the playing field a bit for some of the most vulnerable – the children living in poverty in our community.

You have made this project such a great success over the years; however, the need is growing dramatically in some parts of Kirkland. Not all families are sharing in the economic growth we are seeing across the region. So far, you have met the challenge every time, for every family, and every student identified. That’s an aspect of a caring community that you have well fulfilled.
Congratulate yourself and your neighbors for a job well done!

We have the next challenge before us and your contact list is vital to the next success. First, please, share the notice of this drive with your friends and acquaintances. Even offer to help build boxes with those that can’t, or haven’t, donated before. You would be surprised how much “rock soup” you can make out of a few suggestions.

Our food box drop-off date is Tuesday, February 13th. As usual, you can sign up for either the north site drop-off or the south site. The suggested menu is on the website, and it is not extravagant.

If you have any questions, please use the contacts on the website.
Alternatively, if you need any special arrangements, you may contact me at or (425) 681-3283.

We are still not set up to take monetary donations, however, we might be able to connect someone that can’t shop with a volunteer that is able to shop and drop the box off. Check in with Dave Asher for that.

Bless you for your caring and heartfelt sharing.

–  The Kirkland Nourishing Network team


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