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LETTER | Seaplanes and Ordinances

Editor: With the hearing examiner effectively green-lighting the Seaplane Scenics SEPA and SCUP permits for a commercial seaplane touring business out of Carillon Point, we should review what has transpired and why.  Despite many objections raised by residents living in the surrounding neighborhoods, the Kirkland Planning and Building Department deemed the environmental impact of this […]

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LETTER | A Shout-out to Shawn

On any given day you might see a tall, thin man dripping sweat while hauling old tires, bottles, and half-buried debris out of thickets next to the Cross Kirkland Corridor. Shawn Etchevers has been volunteering for parks and greenbelt cleaning, or doing it quietly on his own, for at least 15 years. “I detest trash […]

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LETTER | Car Thieves are getting high-tech

Editor: Apparently, car thieves are getting really high-tech: On Sunday night a 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe was stolen from a “secure,” gated downtown Kirkland condo garage. The car doors were locked and the key, an electronic “proximity fob,” was in the owner’s condo unit 2 floors above the garage. The car requires the fob to […]

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LETTER | Concerned about Houghton Everest Center

Editor: I am very concerned about the proposed Houghton Everest Neighborhood Center plan- the plan that will massively increase density, traffic and congestion in our beautiful city. Most of us moved to the Houghton and Everest neighborhoods because of the natural beauty and livability of the area. Lake Washington, the Olympic Mountains, smallish neighborhoods and […]

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LETTER | Time for a change

I have been a proud Kirkland resident for 15 years now – 4 generations of my family live here all the way from grandpa Vito (92) to Leo (5), who will be attending kindergarten at Lakeview next year. At no point during my time in Kirkland have I ever said to myself, “Kirkland would be […]

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LETTER | Houghton Can’t Sustain 3,300 Additional Car Trips/Day

Dear Editor, The City of Kirkland along with property owners and developers are advocating for huge and unnecessary growth within the Houghton/Everest shopping center footprint. The proposed rezoning would allow for growth only 20% smaller than the gigantic “Kirkland Urban” project currently under construction. The Houghton/Everest neighborhood is already stressed to the max by congestive […]

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LETTER | Don’t Expand Houghton/Everest Center Zoning

Editor: We live just south of the Houghton Neighborhood Center, and we would like to convey our concerns with the proposed zoning plan for the Center. With the latest 5-story (55 foot tall) aggressive growth plan, we believe the following factors would negatively impact the infrastructure and livability of our treasured neighborhood areas of Houghton, Everest and Lakeview. Traffic Congestion – Unlike Kirkland Urban and Totem Lake, the existing roadways […]

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LETTER | How much growth does Houghton really need?

Should Houghton Everest Center increase from 143,000 sq feet to 1,000,000 sq ft with 850 apartments and 5 story mixed use with underground parking? Compare this to the new and very large Parkplace development Kirkland Urban with 1,200,000 square feet. I am a longtime Kirkland resident and am troubled by the immense amount of retail, […]

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Should Kirkland follow Seattle’s lead and permit “safe-injection” sites for heroin users? [poll]

On Friday, The Washington Post reported that earlier this month the King County Board of Health unanimously voted to endorse the creation of two “safe-injection” sites for heroin users, one located in Seattle and the other to be located elsewhere in King County. Seattle Mayor Ed Murray (D) and King County Executive Down Constantine (D) […]

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