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Crime Prevention Tips; Neighbors Share Stories of Break-ins of Homes and Cars

Are crime rates higher than usual? Nervous Neighbors Share Stories of Break-Ins

Have you heard your neighbors or friends speak of recent break-ins of their homes or cars? Have you been the victim of a recent crime? 

The word on the street is people feel that crime is on the rise. When a crime happens to  a friend or neighbor, it tends to focus one’s attention. In the past three weeks alone, we have had discussions with a dozen friends, all with stories of break-ins of homes and cars. Anecdotal this is, yet it is alarming nonetheless. 

Stories of these incidents are popping up all over social media and between nervous neighbors. 

The truth on crime comes from the Kirkland Police Department and is available online. Want the real facts? Visit the local crime maps and statistics available on The city’s Community Crime Map

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A message from Bill Woods, In Support of Kirkland Rotary Club’s Duck Dash

Both Rotary and Kiwanis each year raise money to give back to the city in many ways.  The Rotary Duck Dash is in its 16th year and has raised over a million dollars, all of which has gone back to the community in many ways.  For example, each year we give $16,000.00 in scholarships to students from the Greater Kirkland schools, also we have contributed to the Kirkland Park Dept. over $100,000.00…

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Sound Transit’s expansion will be obsolete before it’s built

Brian Mistelle has written an opinion piece for the Seattle Times which explores the reason why ST3’s $54 billion plans are a waste of money — because technology will pass it by long before much of it is even built. The piece argues against the fundamental technologies employed by Sound Transit without even getting into the politics and wasteful criticisms levied upon this boondoggle of gargantuan proportions...

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LETTER | Five Reasons to vote for Ramiro Valderrama

Ramiro Valderrama, is running for the 45th Legislative District Seat Position 1.  Make sure you vote August 2.  I spent two hours with Ramiro getting to know him.  He is very engaging knowledgeable, down to earth and willing to listen.  He’s also a family man ….very caring, supportive and likable.  Ramiro seems to know just about everybody in Redmond, and Sammamish — where he’s Deputy Mayor.  I admire his advocacy and expertise on key issues — the environment, mental health, safety, education and transportation…

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