In the past, serious issues with profound impact on our city have gone all but unnoticed by our local press. As a result, local government was deciding important issues without the input from most citizens who simply do not have the time to attend city meetings. In April of 2008, Kirkland Views opened its doors so to speak, as a disseminator of information and as a forum for public discourse.

Kirkland Views is proud to have become a “must read” for all things happening in town. We invite you to join our online community and to speak your mind.

Our goal is to always be an asset to the community. We are here to help make Kirkland a better place in which to live, work and play. We aim to inform, promote and even provoke thought about the issues facing us all.

Kirkland Views welcomes all contributions from our readers. We encourage new ideas and new perspectives on the issues. We welcome your contributions to the site (send your words, photographs, video, audio, drawings and PowerPoint presentations by email). You don’t have to be a professional to contribute to advancing the public discourse.

Like most communities, we sometimes struggle when faced with the challenges of population growth, development, infrastructure and transportation. We are best served when we know the facts and we can respectfully discuss our differences to find common ground as a community.

That is why we started Kirkland Views.

Rob Butcher, Editor and Scribbler


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